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Why I Build Online Courses (and you should, too)

Why I Build Online Courses (and you should, too)

When I was in grad school, I focused on what it would take to work at the biggest and best companies. I busted my ass and eventually landed at one of those companies. The ride’s been great. But, I’ll be honest – I’ve spent few days doing work I really enjoy. I’ve seen plenty of problems I could solve…

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You’ll find plenty of entrepreneurs and YouTubers eager to show you how to make a lot of money selling bad courses. It works because their are 9 Billion people on this planet eager to learn something new. They’ll spend their hard-earned cash on learning anything that will improve their score in life. It’s up to us to us to deliver the goods.

I can show you how to build courses right. I can show you how to use them to fuel your business and build your brand. I can show you how to put your learner first so they can improve their situation.

Become a subscriber and join our tribe. Do something for your business. Do something good.

Gregg Eiler, MA

Master Course Builder